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Bangun Minanga Lestari

Founder's Statement

First and foremost, I would like to praise God almighty for His grace upon me and all the projects I have done in the journey of my entrepreneurship. With considerable years of experiences, I would like to address two main points related to subsidized housing. The idea and passion to work hard in the business of subsidized housing are not emerged only for the benefit of it. The other factor that drove me through hardships and challenges is helping people in needs of housing. As one of the basic necessities, concern about housing availability for low income communities have not emerged as top priority to many; even when the national government have launched low income housing program for years. Learning from that, Bangun Minanga Lestari aligned itself as a regional major player for affordable housing. Bangun Minanga Lestari must illuminates reachable areas with its products and services for low income locals. I have seen many real estate companies with sufficient magnitude to deliver high quality houses. But, capital sufficient companies with real interests to regulated pricing, regulated specifications, regulated selling scheme, and many other regulations binding to the government housing program are second to none. This business demands maximum work rate and unhinged commitments. I could not address it more eloquently, Bangun Minanga Lestari is about passion to help people. It is about working hard to gain and help people at the same time.   Lastly, the company have already proven that effort and hard work have rewarded us abundantly in the form of trust from our counterparts and business relatives. In this occasion, I would like to deliver my sincere gratitude towards all the organizations that have graced Bangun Minanga Lestari with trust and friendship. I pray to God almighty; may our partnership last for life time, and flourish to bring benefit for all parties involved. Importantly, as commissioner of Bangun Minanga Lestari, I have no biggest concern other than the satisfaction of our constumers. Manado, January 2021 Leopold Nicolaas


Running through the veins of the company, Bangun Minanga Lestari, are Commitment, Agility, Determination and Audacity to fulfil costumers utmost satisfaction. Saw the light of days back in 2010, BML has maintained thousands of costumers delighted. Committed to deliver a high quality-affordable housing, BML working hand in hand with Indonesian Government to elevate the true meaning of low income housing project. Bangun Minanga Lestari upholds the commitment to create better living environment and to fulfill basic necessities of the costumers in our various projects. With tenacious agility to improve ourselves, Bangun Minanga Lestari never ceases to enhance qualities to meet costumers demand for years to come. Furthermore, we would not stop here. We have a militant forward looking audacity to win over the future includes : sustainability of our projects and company.


Without hesitation, maintaining the quality life of around 12,000 people that have become our costumers is a must. We have created neighborhoods and communities; it is an honor for us to have the opportunity to nurture our legacies alongside local governments. While working on our current projects, we are strategizing toward the future. We are on the path to become the largest housing development company in the area. Further, we have formulated grandiose plan of expansion to another provinces and regions. Satisfaction of sanctuary for lower income family would always be our core of today and many years to come, nonetheless. Our nearest future projects including Griya Sea Lestari 5 covering 30 Hectare of land and Griya Bangun Tomohon Lestari 3 nearly the same size of the former mentioned project totaling no less than three thousand houses.


Our achievements have spoken aloud. 10 years of our existence have delivered actualization of dreams to more than 15,000 people. We have enhanced the economy of multiple regions with our presence. Without hesitation, we would like to claim that BML has increased local government income through tax and economy of scale. These achievements has greatly benefited the national government housing program, local government, BML, and to our utmost important indeed : our customers. Being a successful business with agility to encounter problems and crises, BML would not stop delivering high quality estate to low income citizens for better living condition in respect to the environment, local government and local community. We are aiming to create harmony in our every single footprint.

PT. BANGUN MINANGA LESTARI is a company engaged in real estate especially subsidized housing or FLPP and Commercial housing.

Within PT Bangun Minanga Lestari embedded Commitment, Determination and Spirit for customer satisfaction. Established in 2010, BML has brought sustainable happiness to thousands of householders. Committed to providing quality housing for low-income people, BML manifests the Indonesian government’s million homes program to be real. BML maintains this commitment by providing a residential environment that pampers the standard of living needs in various small and medium scale projects. With a determination that never recedes, BML never stops to always learn and improve quality. BML strives to continue to build with determination and foresther with the aim of maintaining the sustainability of the corporate and corporate environment.