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Claudia Mongisidi Nicolaas

About Director

Claudia, an Indonesian native, was born in December 16th 1986. Claudia is the heir of the company; the daughter of Mr. Leopold Nicolaas. She raised through the ranks of Bangun Minanga Lestari from marketing staff through business director in the span of 10 years. She has experienced almost all the staff position in Bangun Minanga Lestari including marketing, finance, project and legal division.

Her determination and passion has led the company to grow rapidly in a highly competitive market of government housing. Her dynamics selling methods proved to be vital in various circumstances. Not only her way to approach the market that making her special, but also her way to work together with all the necessary parties involved in government housing, mainly government financial institutions, made Bangun Minanga Lestari on its way to the pinnacle of government housing business. She is a prominent business women in low income housing segment in Manado that has maintained trust and confidence from business counterparts in the region.

Her love for the company has surpassed other priorities. She grew, lived, and succeed with the company. Currently, she also served as commissioner in PT Cipta Graha Selaras.